Monday, January 30, 2012

Turn off the machines

When the ambulance finally arrived, I was taken into a room Wilson Hospital calls their 'consultation room', but I like to call it the closet. The social worker left me alone to get me a drink of water, so I decided to walk out to the empty ER waiting room and wait for her there. Several minutes later the ER Doctor came out and told me there was nothing they could do, and brought me back to the room Aiden was in. He was on a ventilator and someone was doing chest compressions. The Doctor ordered CPR to be stopped to see if Aidens heart would start beating on its own. It didn't. He then said lets see if he breathes on his own, at this point I yelled at the Doctor, asking him who he was trying to kid, and why he was doing this to me. He told the nurse to turn off the machines.

The nurses started removing the IV's and tubes from Aidens body. I told them to get away from him and to give him to me, they wrapped him in a blanket and handed him to me. Everybody left the room except the police officer and I sat down and held Aiden for several hours.

The ER staff contacted my father and within 20 minutes the ER was filled with family. My sister had been in town from Raleigh, my aunt and uncle were visiting from California, my husband was brought to the ER from his hospital room. Everyone was there, but I didn't really notice. I think I was in shock.

The sheriffs deputy stood by me the whole time. I ran into him a few months later and he told me he had also lost a baby in a tragic accident. This call must have been so hard for him, he told me it was one he will never forget.

I was so grateful that he was right there with through everything and I wanted him to know that I appreciated it, so I sent him a card.

Dear Deputy Smith,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help on august 7, 2009. I continue to be tormented by the memories of Aiden's death. Sirens remind me of the drive to the hospital, i remember holding Aiden on the floor begging you to help me.

But with every bad memory of those hours there is a constant presence, you. I am so glad that you were right there next to me through everything. I will never forget you.