Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going Home

A week and a half after Aiden's death my husband was released from the hospital. Although I wanted to stay and be taken care of, it was time to move out of my parents basement and go home. Reverend Ling met us at the house and we prayed.

Normally my house was filled with the sounds of children playing, but it was very quiet. We sat in the living room, not knowing what to do. Nobody wanted to go into the room Aiden died in.

The refrigerator was full of rotten food, I had just gone grocery shopping the day before Aiden's death and had stocked up on fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat that I never had a chance to wrap and put in the freezer. We emptied out the refrigerator and my husband, who worked as a cook, found something to make for dinner.

The four of us sat at the kitchen table in silence, I don't think any of us ate. I just played with the food on my plate and occasionally looked over at Aiden's empty highchair next to me.